Why its good to cry – Explained

Why its good to cry

Hey there, in tough times like tough situations, some folks feel like crying, but they hold back. Ever wonder why crying isn’t a bad thing? Let’s break why its good to cry down from a science angle.

First off, tears are like an escape valve for stress and bad vibes. They kind of release the pressure and even make you feel a bit numb in a good way. But if you’re playing tough and holding back tears, you’re basically wrestling with yourself, and that’s a bit of a waste of energy.

If you’re not letting those tears flow, it’s often because of old habits. Maybe you were raised in an environment where tears were seen as a no-no. But guess what? It’s okay to tell people around you that crying helps you deal with all the stress that’s piling up.

And now, science has got your back with some cool facts about why crying is like a mini superhero for your well-being:

Why Its Good to Cry – Explain in 5 Conditions

Eye Water: 

Tears are like eye moisturisers. They keep your peepers hydrated and comfy, and when you blink, they spread out to keep your eyes working sharp.

Feel-Good Stuff: 

Turns out, that crying can act like a natural painkiller. It triggers the release of enkephalins, which are like your body’s homemade version of morphine. That’s why a good cry feels like a weight off your shoulders.

Stress Buster: 

Tears also help you detox from stress. When you cry, you’re basically flushing out those stress hormones, which helps balance your emotional and physical state.

Germ Fighter: 

Believe it or not, tears are like secret germ fighters. They contain an enzyme called lysozyme that’s like an antibacterial and antiviral superhero. It’s the body’s way of keeping you safe from infections.

Chill Pill: 

Beyond all that science stuff, crying is like hitting a reset button on stress. After a good cry, your heart rate calms down and cortisol lower to lower , your muscles relax, your blood pressure chills out, and your breathing slows down. It’s like a natural chill pill.

So, why its good to cry is way more than just watery eyes. It’s like your body’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s feel better!” Even in the midst of tough situations, letting yourself cry isn’t weak – it’s smart. It’s a tool your body has to deal with all the hard stuff and bounce back.

Bottom line: Crying rocks! It’s like a built-in therapist that doesn’t charge you anything. So, next time you’re feeling teary, don’t hold back. Your body knows what’s up, and it’s trying to help you out.

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